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10 Random Thoughts and Takeaways from #RWA17

I just returned from the annual RWA conference, which concluded yesterday. As an extreme introvert, I’ll need at least a week to recover. However, I can easily say (like I do every year) it was the highlight of my year. I absolutely love this conference. Here's my ten random thoughts and takeaways from this year. 1. If you ever stay at Disney World’s Dolphin resort, get a burrito from the Picabu restaurant. They are AH-mazing! (Yes, two pictures because I had it twice. It was that good.) 2. Facebook banners are clickable. Who knew? Apparently not me. 3. My nerd…

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Author Stalking at RT (Last Day)

Just a quick post today— I met a few more of my favorite authors at the big book signing here at RT. Kelley Armstrong is the NYT bestselling author of the Women of the Underworld series, which is complete at 13 books. There are also various short stories that go along with the series. She also has two YA trilogies that are set in the same world. She is a fantastic writer, and I was so happy to be able to see her. I actually met her at the RWA book signing in 2009, and she was the first author…

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Author Stalking at RT (Day 2)

Another successful day of author stalking! I was not able to meet Veronica Roth. The room didn’t open until just before the panel began, and then she was ushered out by an armed guard the second it was over. In fact, some people went to try to talk to her, and the RT employees acted as human barriers. So this is the closest anyone could get to her. She presented herself as an intelligent, well-spoken woman. The chat was entertaining, but the moderator questions were pretty typical—what faction would you put yourself in, what was it like having a cameo…

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Author Stalking at RT (Day 1)

Today was my first official day at the RT convention. I’m a newbie to the convention, and it is a beast all its own. The convention is geared for both writers and readers, so there is a wide range of people. One of my favorite part of conferences is meeting authors. I am normally super shy when it comes to people I don’t know, but not so much when it comes to my favorite authors. I call it author stalking. That sounds sketchy and creepy, but really it’s not. There are so many writers who have influenced me and continue…

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