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Books have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of spending Sunday afternoons at the library and leaving with a bag full of delectable reads. The written word has had such a positive impact in my life, and I hope my writing can affect readers the same way.

I earned my B.A. in English from Virginia Tech and loved academia so much I went on to earn my M.A. in English literature. It was during my graduate program that I started teaching college freshmen and my career path was set for a while. I taught secondary and college level English for over a decade, but in 2015 I gave up teaching to pursue my true calling as an author.

I live in Virginia with my college-sweetheart husband, two rambunctious sons, and two rowdy but lovable rescue dogs. Since my house is overflowing with testosterone, it’s a good thing I have a healthy appreciation for Marvel movies, Nerf guns, and football. (Go Hokies!)

I write young adult, new adult, and contemporary romance fiction as Jessica Ruddick. As Jessica Linden, I write romantic suspense.

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10 Random Facts About Me

1. I eat peanut butter and jelly for lunch every day. Yes, EVERY DAY. I have toddler taste buds.

2. I can recite almost the entire movie Spaceballs from memory. As kids, my older brother and I used to act out scenes.

3. I once let a spider live in my bathtub for several weeks because I couldn’t bear to kill it. His name was Harold. (Not the tub I actually shower in, though.) 

4. I am an international karaoke superstar.

5. When I studied abroad, I had to leave clothes behind to make room in my suitcase for all my new books.

6. My obsession with purple began when I bought purple towels to take with me to college. (They were on sale.)

7. I refused to wear pink in high school.

8. I earned my B.A. in only three years.

9. I played little league baseball when I was seven and was the only girl on the team. I was too scared to even swing at the ball though, and then I got hit in the face with a pitch, ending my illustrious baseball career.

10. I can’t snap or whistle.

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