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Teaser Time – TRUST IN ME

The countdown is on! TRUST IN ME will be out in one week! His eyes searched her face and his eyes darkened as his expression shifted. He gripped her arms and yanked her body against his. “You’re forgiven,” he said gruffly. Then he crushed his mouth to hers. She stiffened for a moment before becoming pliant, soft. She felt herself melding her body against his. His lips explored hers, gently sucking and nipping. Her knees turned to rubber and she wrapped her arms around him to steady herself. He took that as an invitation and deepened the kiss, parting her…

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Thoughts on DEEP WORK

This is me most of the time. I feel like I’m pulled in so many directions that I often find it difficult to settle down and focus on writing. In one of the many writer groups I belong to, Deep Work by Cal Newport has been a topic of conversation. I finally got around to reading it. Here are some thoughts on it. A Distracted Society Newport’s primary claim is that in our distracted society, deep work is becoming rare while simultaneously becoming invaluable. His clearest explanation of what deep work is comes near the end of the book. Basically,…

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