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Ten Little Things That Make Me Happy

1. The smell of old library books 2. Opening a brand new box of crayons 3. When my total word count at the end of a writing session ends in 00 4. Not having to leave my house on a rainy day 5. Singing along with my favorite songs 6. Listening to my two sons chat and play like they’re best friends 7. Making lists and checking things off 8. Going shopping by myself 9. The first day I can go out without a coat in spring 10. The sound of my dogs barking in their sleep

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Her words were cut short when he spun her around and pulled her to his chest, his gaze raking over her face. It was raw and primal, and no one had ever looked at her like that before. She grew dizzy in his embrace and clutched at his arms, fighting to breathe. With every exhale, her chest pressed up against his and her nipples tightened. She couldn’t remember what she was going to say. Leave. That’s right. I was leaving. “Tony . . .” But she couldn’t force the words out, and she certainly couldn’t force the action. Her feet…

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I recently finished both Future Shock and Future Threat by Elizabeth Briggs. O…m….g….so good! via GIPHY I read the first one in one day and the second over the course of two days, and that was only because I started it too late in the evening to finish it. But you better believe I spent the morning in my PJs finishing it. Ava is recruited by Aether Corporation, a company with questionable motives and integrity, to go to the future along with four other teens. I know what you’re thinking…what? This screams of Back to the Future or the classic…

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Thoughts on STORY GENIUS (Part 2)

This post is later than I expected because I stalled out in reading this book. I got about 80% through it and I doubt I’ll finish it. However, it did change my perspective on writing. The story is how the character changes; it's his/her transformation. The plot is the series of events that cause the character to change. I’d never thought about it like that, and it definitely changes how I look at my own writing. It reminds me of Michael Hauge’s idea of a character moving from his/her identity to his/her essence. Cron stresses the importance of developing a…

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