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My “Super Secret Project” Revealed

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So I’ve been sitting on one heck of a secret for a while now. I’m talking so secret I didn’t even tell my family.

And here it is…

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I’m collaborating on a book with James Patterson!

James FREAKING Patterson!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not a believer in multiple exclamation marks, but if any situation calls for it, this is it.

It’s been so tough keeping my mouth shut, especially when I was sitting next to my dad who was reading—you guessed it—a James Patterson novel. I mean, seriously, how cool is this? It’s the opportunity writers dream about. What I’m most excited about is getting the chance to learn from one of the best authors of our time.

And it was all made possible because of my fab agent, Sarah Younger. Love her!

The book is romantic suspense, so it will be released under my pen name, Jessica Linden. You can read more about the extraordinary new imprint Mr. Patterson came up with in this New York Times article.

Now, pardon me while I go celebrate. So excited!

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