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Saying Goodbye to 2015

Saying goodbye to 2015

Wait, what? Where did 2015 go? I must have blinked or something! It was a wild year for me—definitely a year of change, something that has scared me in the past but that I’m learning to embrace.

I’m taking a page out of the lovely Marie Meyer’s book and giving a year-end recap by the numbers.

41—Books read

1—Day job quit (YES!)

1—Book published

2.5—Books written

4,293—Cookies and candies eaten while writing/revising said books

2—Books with 2016 release dates

1—Secret announcement I can’t wait to make in early 2016 (see above)

4—Books I hope to write in 2016

2—Rescue puppies adopted

13—Members in my fabulous, wonderfully supportive writers’ group, the NAC

10—Number of years the mister and I have been married as of 2015. He gave me a sparkling new diamond wedding band to celebrate!

3—Conferences attended

1—Time riding Verbolten at Busch Gardens. Never again.

1—Board I broke at my son’s taekwondo black belt ceremony (Watch out, world!)

Too many to count—Amazing people in my life. I am truly blessed.

Happy New Year! May 2016 find everyone healthy and happy!



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