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Release Day for Letting Go

Today’s the release of Letting Go, my first book! Okay, I lied, on two counts. I’m writing this the night before my release date because I still have a day job—those teenagers won’t teach themselves—so I won’t have time to write a blog on my actual release date. Count two? Letting Go isn’t actually my first book. My first book shall remain nameless and hidden deep, deep on my hard drive, never to see light of day. It was a cool concept, but the execution? Not so good. Most authors have at least one of these under-the-bed books, the term…

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Win a Kindle Copy of Letting Go or an Amazon Giftcard!

The days until the release of my debut novel, Letting Go, are waning. Just two weeks! Although the book was contracted last September, which means it has technically taken less than a year to release, my journey started long before that. I've been writing off and on my whole life, but the birth of my children kicked me into high gear. There's nothing like watching how quickly your children grow to realize that time is fleeting. If I was serious about pursuing this writing dream of mine, then the time was now. After all, there's no time like the present, right? To celebrate my upcoming release,…

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