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Mission Accomplished: Agent Acquired

So this happened today. I'm happy to officially announce that I'm now represented by Sarah Younger of the Nancy Yost Literary Agency. (It's been on Twitter, so it must be for real, right? Still pinching myself.)     Of course, I’ve been keeping it a secret until the official announcement, and let me tell you, it’s been hard to keep my lips sealed.     All week there’s been a little of this… Followed by this… And this… Yup, this too. It’s like being six years old again and having Christmas and Halloween and your birthday all on the same day. The only thing…

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The Feather Boa

So I didn’t win the Golden Heart. To people not in the RWA community, this may seem like a huge disappointment. And don’t get me wrong--I would have been thrilled if I had won, but as any Golden Heart finalist will tell you, finaling is winning. All the GH nominees are winners simply because we finaled. Ask any of them, and I guarantee they will say the same thing. After the Golden Heart awards ceremony, I posted a picture on my personal Facebook page with the caption “I may not have won the Golden Heart, but I did win the…

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